Flowing into the abyss

I’m not sure of the moment, the moment where grey turned to black. The benign growth continues to propagate unbeknownst; eventually it turns malignant, slowly eradicating the entity. It manifests so slowly that one only recognizes the all too obvious symptoms in hindsight. Love, relationships and life itself is poetically analogous to the unforeseen cancer that decimates all that one has fostered into existence.

Is all hope lost once the precipice moment has come to pass, when the ever widening abyss becomes all too clear? The instincts of self-preservation are ever present, consciously or not, ones environment becomes consumed with foreboding entities. These very entities, once the solace of inner peace, now becomes the parasitic cancer corroding all that once was.

Relationships like the world itself flow together, once apathy, neglect, and myopic thinking take control only a tectonic shift will save one from the brink. Has the “current” become too swift for a change in course? Man, the world’s most intelligent creature has set his own path to destruction, perhaps it is God’s will that has set this quandary in motion, the complete lack of instinct, intellect, & foresight will undoubtedly lead to extinction. The tectonic shift may not come to bear, and if so it will surely be met with self-defeating skepticism.

One can hypothesize as to why we exist, but vast spectrum of ideological views and limits to our understanding of the conscious mind would prohibit one from inferring an acceptable conclusion. Humans have been indoctrinated for hundreds of years by race, religion, the media, and our governments. Thinking for oneself would by certainty be torn apart by the epistemological processes of the aforementioned. We are free to think and proceed as we wish, so long as it parallels the status quo.

For thousands of years humans survived as nomadic hunters and gatherers. The strongest of the species survived, the weakest perished. Almost a harmonic existence with the planet we call home. Soon, though, the human transcended into a more intellectual, domesticated form. These transformations led to an insatiable desire, by some, for power, conquest, and wealth. The advent of the totalitarian regime took form. Of course one in power does not view ones control as authoritarian or oppressive, it is an egalitarian model for the privileged. The great mass of the population is ignorant and mentally deficient; they must be kept in their place for the common good. Again, all are free to do as they wish, so long as it adheres to the doctrines of the chosen few. The self-proclaimed omnipotence of our current leaders is case in point.

Will the absence of the basic struggle for survival be the catalyst for our all but certain demise? Does it really matter?