Coding Test Results — Toggl

I took a timed coding test administered by for Toggl. Toggl is a time tacking software I happen to use everyday so I thought ‘why not’. Here’s the email I got afterwards…

They showed the exact results after the quiz (that’s something I like about Hundred5), I think I got a 83 or 86, I didn’t take the screenshot unfortunately. I doubt I’ll get put in the pipeline for the interview just because if there was a high volume of test takers like me, then I imagine a lot of them got 100%.

I really took the test because I wanted to see what Toggl as a company thinks a Frontend developer should be able to answer in 25 minutes. I was curious. I won’t go into the specifics here (even though I remember some of the questions) b/c the test is still active and that wouldn’t be fair to Toggl.

I am sure the test is just the outermost filter of what’s probably a longer, more difficult interview process. First, the test shows Toggl that a person has at least a moderate interest in their company in that they are willing to trade 25 minutes of their life to potentially pass the first filter. Second, I suppose it does test one’s current working knowledge and their ability to look up what they don’t know quickly, and implement it.

One thing I can say for sure is that the Hundred5 test experience is a lot better then turning in a test to an engineering manager and getting no response or an ambiguous response.

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