A deep dive into LT Fan Platform and how you can put it to use.

Antworten auf Fragen zu NFTs, die ich schon häufig beantwortet habe

Horizen recently released a highly innovative sidechain protocol. Here, I cover sidechains and the Zendoo protocol.

A blockchain can do more than simply storing data; it can also run software — meet smart contracts.

Thanks to Christine Roy

Spoken language, the internet, and blockchains can be understood as network protocols. Each is used within a group of participants — the network — to achieve a common goal.

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Blockchain isn’t as complex as you think! Technically, it’s just a fancy way to store data. Fancy how? Find out in this article!

There’s a way to own a piece of your favorite sports team and all you have to know is in this article

Max Morlock, Worldcup 1954, Foto: Imago

Why STOs can offer many benefits to professional sports clubs, athletes and fans alike

A quick update on the progress of the Horizen Developer Environment

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Looking at trends and creating win-win scenarios for open-source developers and open-source software projects alike.

Jonas Rubel

Liquiditeam Co-Founder | Horizen Community Contributor | Coinmonks Writer | Untitled-INC Member

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