what I want SFPC to be

So I just started attending class at http://sfpc.io/
They bill themselves as part art residency, part research, and part class. I’ll be writing about my journey on medium at https://medium.com/@jtoy_30122 and at my personal blog at http://jtoy.net/ In terms of what I want sfpc to be for me, I have thought about this a lot.
I’ve seen a lot of people combine art and tech while living in the bay area for 4 years. I have always been a passive observer and helping some people with their projects. I did not do any of my own projects for various reasons, didn’t know how to start,fear of failure, but I’ve always been interested in working on my own projects. So I want sfpc to be the place where I can learn how to build my own projects and learn about the creative process. I would also like to try out collaborating with other like minded people and explore the ideas I have been thinking about. I see sfpc as opening up a new chapter in my life.

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