The Echo Look is Amazon’s Trojan Horse
Jessi Hempel


Seems I’ve come across a couple of your articles on Amazon and Alexa this morning. First, the one about Amazon owning voice (Dec 2016) and this one you wrote a month ago (about the addition of the camera). While I believe your article had some great points, I still think that the addition of the screen will change everything for the Echo.

I have heard good things about the Google Home, but much like my argument against Microsoft or Apple winning in this space I think they key to Amazon’s favor is the fact that they sell everything and nearly every Amazon customer buys at least one thing per month. We love free shipping, we love Amazon — they are the Swiffer of the Internet. As much as I like Google, I don’t pay them any money. I am a recurring search, not a recurring customer. Microsoft is a necessary evil for my desktop life, they are not a part of my retail fulfillment needs. I am not an Apple fanboy, but if I was I cannot see them delivering much more than my music, some podcasts, and a handful of hardware.

My point is that Amazon owns retail — outright. They just do. Skype is great, Facetime is nice, and I never really got Google Hangouts. But if you put Alexa with a screen in my house and I can call people I’ll probably use it just because it’s least path of resistance. I think Amazon is in the right place at the right time, and this is the tipping point.

Still interested in your thoughts: