I needed a guitar teacher. So I turned my Alexa into one.
Terren Peterson

Your article was a great read Terren, because I have been in digital and the web for 25 years now — but I’ve been a musician all my life (and the paths seldom meet). My parents were music teachers.

Your article is interesting because at the time you wrote it (and these skills) it was strictly about voice. Now, with the Amazon Echo Show being released next month Alexa will (for the first time) have a video screen. That being said, your use case would no longer required an app or separate device for the visual element.

How do you feel about this? It would seem like the Amazon Echo with a screen would take your ideas to the next level.

I wrote about why I think the screen addition is the tipping point for things to come, let me know what you think:

Being a guitar player myself, the other thing I think about is using the Amazon Echo Show to Jam with people across the world in real time, or even real time guitar lessons. You have that ability already per se on the computer and various devices, but this would make it much easier and readily accessible to all.