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Some personal news: I left Ford this spring. After eight years in corporate communications, I’m grateful for the experiences I’ve had, the perspective I’ve gained and the people with whom I’ve worked. I’m also thankful for the opportunity reconnect with my network, reflect on where I’ve been and the chance to think about where I want to go next in my career.

Where I’ve Been

I’ve spent the last eight years in digital and social communications at two Fortune 50 brands. I’ve worked on integrated marketing plans with U2, Green Day, Taylor Swift and Mariah Carey. I’ve owned corporate websites and blogs. I’ve done influencer marketing before it had a name. I’ve built executive and employee advocacy programs. I’ve lead content creation throughout, from the days of shaky cam first person authenticity to polished stills, gifs and video.

My career began at the dawn of corporate digital and social communications, so I’ve built and rebuilt corporate social strategy from the ground up. I’ve introduced products and services like Xfinity Home and Mustang Bullitt. I managed one of the first corporate blogs. I’ve created thought leadership platforms on Medium for self-driving cars and the City of Tomorrow. I’ve brought hundreds of influencers from around the world to exciting events and experiences. I got Tanner Fox and Shonduras a dune-bashing experience in Dubai that they’ll never forget.

I’ve managed corporate crises that spilled into social, ranging from customer service complaints to a showdown with POTUS. I’ve worked on financials and government affairs in regulated industries. I’ve handled global social media governance, including channel and content reviews and approvals. I’ve built proactive and reactive social listening programs. I’ve partnered with human resources to strategize social talent acquisition and strengthen employer brand.

At a time where digital and social are increasingly specialized, I’ve had the opportunity to create the vision and roll up my sleeves to get things done across the enterprise.

Where I Want to Go

In my experience, there are gaps in how digital, social and content interact cross-functionally at companies of all sizes. There’s another gap where those functions intersect with brand. Everyone can be doing great work across your organization but does it all add up to something that’s not only immediately recognizable but unmistakably understood as your brand? Whether it’s your marketing or your customer engagement or your job postings, everything should have a look and feel that’s indelibly you.

In my ideal role, I’d like to lead a digital and social organization that works closely with communications, marketing, brand and customer experience teams to synthesize these efforts at the enterprise level. I want to roll up my sleeves and evaluate the fitness of your digital operations. I want to help an organization take content and experiential marketing to the next level, both online and off. I want to play with everything in the customer experience toolkit to transform customers into advocates of your brand.

Does that sound like your organization or do you know someone who could use help? Let’s find time to talk! Reach me at jt.ramsay@gmail.com and we’ll get time on the calendar.

This post originally appeared on LinkedIn.

Digital & Social Communications. @TheNewSchool & @saintjosephs alum.

Digital & Social Communications. @TheNewSchool & @saintjosephs alum.