How to Create streams of income as an artist

In this day and age, everyone has access to the creative tools to become an artist. The industry is saturated with music artists, graphic artists, dancers and creatives. We all know artists are full of passion and artistic integrity. With such a saturated market, it can be difficult to know how to navigate and earn money for yourself.

Many artists start as sidepreneurs — having a full time role and exercising their talents during their off hours. Others focus solely on their gift and artistry and this article is for everyone interested in creating multiple streams of income as an artist and realizing their full potential with their God given gifts.

What is the distinction between artistry and business you ask? — there is a large gap. Many of the artists I work with have a burning desire to share their artistry (in most cases, music) with the world immediately.

Business requires strategy and thought with regard to how to present the services (music, dance, etc) to the marketplace. The marketplace is really your audience, who is interested in purchasing your music, your dance, your artistry. Have you ever considered why industry leaders with the same audience never happen to release product on the same day or why artists with similar audiences don’t either? It’s a game called strategy. The labels are in tune and strategize the best release time for a given artists material not to compete directly with another artist.

With that in mind, the question becomes how do you carefully consider your offerings. If you are a singer you obviously sing but alternate streams of income could be vocal directing, garnering a clientele as a vocal coach to up-and-coming singers, you could also earn as a recording background vocalist. You could work with church choirs to develop a sound of their praise team or choir, not to mention be a resident praise and worship leader. All of these are examples of revinue streams available to singers.

Each gift has an unlimited number of applications, and many have been gifted with multiple gifts. The important part is to identify the gift you have, look at your current service offerings and develop ways you can stretch out and monetize your gift to support your lifestyle. For each steam of income set a plan of attack, identify your audience and set a method of communication, write your contracts, agreements or Rider for each steam and also consider a marketing plan.

You can grow multiple ventures from one gift by being consistent, professional, available and present. Reach out to new people with a established elevator pitch of now your services are what they need.