All it takes is willingness
Jonas Ellison

My alcoholism was transformed into recovery by willingness. I’ve heard from professionals that only alcoholics offer “reasons” for why we drink: it’s hot; it’s cold; I made a big sale; lost a sale, etc. Normal drinkers, who can drink or not drink never feel the need for reasons for doing either. The reasons are for one purpose: to protect absolutely my right to drink.

And this goes on in the face of catastrophe and incredible loss until something happens, some circumstance occurs that in my case gave me “a moment of clarity” to see my condition for what it was. And in that moment was planted a tiny seed of willingness. And that willingness made possible a desire to participate in my own recovery.

My belief is what I just described was an act of Grace. Even the willingness is Grace. Fact of the matter is I’ve got no business being 37 years sober today; most alcoholics wind up jailed or dead. So I’m very grateful for my moment of clarity, and the willingness I was given.

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