but due solely to the fact that other than the multiplayer aspect of the game, there was nothing else to offer from it, resulting in harsh abandonment among players.
Titanfall 2 has been announced and it looks amazing this time.
Justice Wright

But what else would keep the people playing? A one-off shitty over-the-top cinematic single player experience as the one found in Call of Duty or Battlefield?

It wasn’t the lack of other content other than Multiplayer that killed Titanfall. Multiplayer is the reason many shooters actually survive. As i’m writing there are 4,000 players in Battlefield 3 and 35,000 in Battlefield 4 and it is just early morning here in EU. And I’m sure as hell they ain’t playing single player.

The problems with Titanfall were really the lack of variety and reasons to keep going/come back.

This time around they need to have more game modes and more variety between classes/mechas, more customization both visual and utility (look at BF4 and the amount of customization you can do to weapons, it is amazing) and perhaps even free dlc as to not fracture the player base.

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