I think this is where games are truly destined to head
Strength of Stories: Gaming Is Becoming Less about Pure Fun and More about Narrative
Oliver S. Douglas

I don’t think they are destined to head anywhere as they are already there. The gaming industry is in the exact same position as the movie industry.

We have yearly games such as Call of Duty to fill in the Blockbuster section, games like The Last of Us for the dramatic and oscar-worthy performances, That Dragon, Cancer for the Oscar-bait kind of flick and finally the indies… who are the same in both mediums. Basically there are many parallels between both mediums and in my opinion they are both very much alike if not the exact same.

Both have sets of products to fill every niche and its up to the creators to pick what they want to do. You can expect the next Call of Duty to be the same as the previous one, but it’ll still be fun. Just like the next super-hero movie will be fun too. And you can also expect the next Telltale game to try and tell a story just like you can also have art-house films coming out of Sundance or Cannes.

That’s the beauty of both mediums there’s something for everyone. The problem right now is that games aren’t put on the same level as film because gaming is a very young industry. It hasn’t even been around for 50 years and even during all the years it had a lot of issues.

Those who grew up with gaming already put it on the same level as film, the rest still see gaming as what it was 10, 20, 30 years ago. The only thing to do is to keep going and doing the same thing aswe are now. For some, gaming will never be the same thing as film, but hey, people are being born every day, they’ll get to grow up with gaming.

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