Supervisor Wiener’s Letter to Municipal Transportation Agency Urging Agency Not to Undermine…
Scott Wiener

Scott Wiener’s open letter to the shuttle system push-back is spot-on. I’m a long-time resident of the Bay Area: My great-grandfather moved to San Francisco after the 1906 earthquake as one of thousands of artisans who helped rebuild the city in the wake of that devastation. Two houses that he built still stand today, near the Crocker Amazon neighborhood. I have long-standing ties to the city, and as a committed community-minded home-owner in Bernal Heights, I’ve voted in every election for the past seven years, and participated in local efforts to restore local parks.

But I’m also one of the eight percent of the city’s residents deemed a “tech worker,” and I rely upon a shuttle to help me unclog the roads as I commute from my home city to my workplace every day. The shuttle program fills a void that is a direct result of NIMBY efforts from the middle of the last century, when BART was prevented from extending into the South Bay. Let’s not let more NIMBY — and blind-leading-blind efforts like enforcing new housing moratoriums in the Mission — get in the way of the fact that housing shortages are to blame for the skyrocketing cost of affordable living in San Francisco.

San Francisco has one constant: change. Let’s make that a change for the better. More mass transit, not less. More housing, not less. More fact-driven decision-making, not less.

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