Passion, purpose, and playfulness are three top qualities of encouraging members of any advocacy program, to guarantee success and positive connection with community. Mark Finnern shares his expertise in bringing out these qualities in both online and face-to-face events.

On today’s episode of The Influence Marketing Podcast, we are joined by Mark Finnern, founder of the boutique consultancy Playful Enterprise. Mark shares how he built the SAP Mentor Program, explains the terminology and ideology behind the concept of an “Enterprise Tribe,” and gives tips on how a company can…

When you don’t have a KPI, a nod from above is all it takes. Our guest today, Rick Vanover, helps give that nod with his Veeam Vanguard Program. Rick is the director of Technical Product Marketing & Evangelism for Veeam Software.

Rick Vanover, from Veeam Software, shares with us his key principles and beliefs that have made the Veeam Vanguard Program successful. The program is in its third year and has 61 members with high community engagement. Rick talks up the importance of beginning small, picking team members wisely, and using…

The Influence Marketing Council kicked off in January 2017 with a group of tech companies keenly aware that the marketing has shifted, and that the customer journey is increasingly mediated through peers and influencers.

Special thanks go to our founding members Cohesity, Dell EMC, HPE, VMware, NetApp, Scale Computing, VMware…

John Mark Troyer

Techie, talker,, Chief Reckoner at, Geek Whisperers podcast. Enterprise tech is the best tech.

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