Operationalizing Love: Building loving organizations
Bryan Ungard

Such a wonder/power full practice! Thank you Bryan for your courage to offer and practice Love as a verb. I experience it in our relationship.

And I offer the following reflection.

If practice is guided by a goal in action, what is the goal, and how does the action contribute to an intentional, and transparent purpose? Is it generative to be able to connect these elements together in our awareness? Who assesses this presence for whom?

In my experience, it can be easy to lose sight of our intention as essence from purpose. The awareness of the quality of our own consciousness guiding intentional and purposeful action is one of the most challenging endeavor for mankind. The intention to generate health for humanity in the presence of its potential is often lost in translation.

What I mean is, if we are going to use the word ‘Love’ as a signifier for pointing to an intentional and purposeful engagement, our responsibility to cohere how our practice contributes to the intention will become united by what inspires us, and aspires strategy in action.

This is paradoxical. How we experience the abilities that are requisite for useful action is highly dependent on our beliefs, and how our identity engages with ‘what is’ actually most real. Our own readiness to allow ‘what is’ most real in context, and this, while intending to generate health for humanity in the presence of potential, is something that is still experiential for mankind.

A separation between intentionality of purpose can generated unintended violence, while often misconstrued as loving. Intention guides purpose, while informing our contribution as a practice. The insight we get from our own experience practicing will vary significantly as we increasingly will reflection on our own congruence as coherence.

Deliberate development does bridge a narrative to a practice with the insight we experience from that experience. Our readiness to do so is highly dependent on the system we believe is guiding us. Such perceived systems of boundaries guide our work. Our interpretation of the feedback we receive of our contribution is highly dynamic, and relevant to the meaning we make about our own value.

Only from this dynamic between practice, contribution and insight can arises the new (re)form we offer. The new information that is generated is always already reframing the story we hold about our contribution. Our own, in the moment forming insight that we allow for our self in the context in which we navigate can find generativity, all the while, converging with what is actually relevant, and meaningful in our experience.

Loving kindness includes sensitivity. Love is sensitive to what is most real. Empathy transcends our own projections. Bottom-up inspiration does aspire open participation.

It is a mystery how humanity can organize to allow what is more real, enable emergence from the values always already operating, and find a convergence that will be most likely impermanent. Diversity will most likely bring much divergence as its novelty will challenge new perspectives, interpretations and preferences in the moment.

Being inspired, and aspired to learn from direct experience opens-up an authentic inquiry for practicing as we attempt to contribute within our own streams of values, always already operating.

Can an organization can play a critical function in allowing such diversity contributing to generative capacity building? How do we know if this is being as the becoming remain a mystery?

Being boldly curious beyond top-down automatic heuristics, imposed narratives lacking critical thinking, and metaphors that perpetuate reconfigurations from the same minds remain the number one challenge for co-creating environments that are in service to humanity.

As leaders envisioning a new way forward, we must be vigilante of our own developmental bias. Looking at what we are seeing does require an awareness of the quality of the consciousness as play, from the play and in play. How do we build the capacity for generating this awareness of quality of the consciousness always, already available and potential?