Apple’s Commitment to Privacy & Government Overreach

Tim Cook’s Open Letter:

Apple is one of the only companies today that actually cares about your privacy and has taken meaningful, important steps in ensuring that hackers and bad people cannot have access to your digital information. They not only have no way of accessing your phone’s and message’s contents, but they want nothing to do with that information because it is yours. They do not sell it to advertising companies like Google or Facebook do and they do not store it on their servers.

And yet governments around the world, including our own government, are so woefully ignorant of how technology works (thanks old people) that they are trying to force Apple to weaken the encryption used on iPhones so that they can get a “back door” when legally necessary. This is not only impossible but foolish. You CANNOT create a “back door” or “special key” that unlocks all iPhones for special law enforcement access without giving that special access to every hacker in the world.

The entire way that hackers gain the upper hand in the first place is because they dedicate their lives to finding these back doors. Typically they are bugs in software that tech companies didn’t know existed in the first place. But a hole out there deliberately that all the governments in the world are privy to? The hackers will know about that the moment it comes out! That means that the moment Apple is forced to create this supposed “special key” for law enforcement is the moment that all your private data is available for free to all the hackers and terrorists in the world.

Oppose our ignorant government’s and the FBI’s overreaching efforts to create these back doors. Just like climate change deniers, the FBI is ignoring science and must be met with strong opposition from regular people like you and me who understand that their data security and the security of the whole nation is at stake with these foolish demands.