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A Letter from Pastor Todd Regarding the New Gay-Affirming Progressive Worship Service

As most of you know, this Sunday morning at 11:00 AM we will be adding a new gay-affirming Progressive worship service in the Annex B West Chapel.

Now I know as good Evangelicals many of you are concerned about this addition and what it means for our church, and I understand your concern. I am here to tell you that the addition of this new worship gathering in no way means that Lord of the Harvest Church is shifting on the issue of homosexuality. We will not be tossed to and fro like a ship on the sea. We will not be like reeds in the wind. In fact, in our Traditional service we will continue to vehemently condemn the homosexual lifestyle while our Contemporary service will continue to just not talk about it until we are forced to engage publicly — at which time we will vaguely condemn it with “we love the sinner but hate the sin” or something, so we still show the world how loving we are. Let me repeat, while we are adding a new gay-affirming Progressive worship service, we are in no way expressing approval of or support for the homosexual lifestyle as a church.

So why add the new service? Over the past few years we have seen a drop in our attendance and in our contributions and tithes. In 2014 our average attendance was around 1750 people compared to closer to 1250 in 2016 and even fewer in 2017 so far. That has drastically affected our weekly contributions, and we have a $6 million building we’re still paying for. I only took part of my raise last year, our Firm Foundation Senior Citizens’ Ministry had to miss their annual weekend in the mountains, and we had to let the cleaning lady go because we couldn’t afford to pay her anymore. We’re all making sacrifices, but it hasn’t been enough.

This new gay-affirming Progressive service will help us to reach out to a whole new demographic, but it will also be on the totally opposite side of the building, so the two groups won’t have to interact at all.

Also, it will give Youth Pastor Kyle a chance to beatbox for Jesus. He’s been working really hard, so we wanted to give him an opportunity to use his talent without forcing it on our established members, so it seemed like a perfect fit.

Blessings and Peace,

Pastor Todd

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