Reflections On My First Year as CEO of the Gates Foundation
Sue Desmond-Hellmann

Your reflections are both inspiring and a challenge as they recognize that the work ahead demands collective effort and commitment. While my health and development consultancy firm was registered as a provider of demand based technical assistance in this critical sector of the economy; we acknowledge and are convinced on daily basis that strengthening institutional capacities in order to deliver on the collective mandates is an imperative requiring collective effort. This is more so when consideration is given to the financial resources organizations like yours have made available, directly or through other organizations, to health in countries in Africa.

We therefore stand ready to partner with the Gates Foundation in supporting processes that strengthen institutions in health and development. This we believe could unlock the potential to deliver responsive and sustainable services while ensuring that the resources you make available contribute to sustainable outcomes.

In the above end through Africa Capability we submitted an unsolicited letter of intention to which we still wait for a response. This as it may we continue to engage with governments, development and civil society organizations on ideas aimed at strengthening institutional capacities to effective service delivery.

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