Freestanding bath, Shower Cubicles: The Jt Spas

Freestanding bath are Popular from the Victorian times, and now the taste and designs have changed people stopped using them, but now freestanding baths are making a comeback. If your bathroom is small then not a problem as we have more than 40 small freestanding baths options to choose from.

Freestanding Baths

These were the common item in the past; and now they are gaining more popularity in these modern age.the unique designs and features make it different from others. JT SPAS are very proud to have a diverse range of products that are manufactured with quality and elegance and at a lesser price, all sourced from leading manufacturers such as Moods, Phoenix and Royce Morgan to name only a few.
 Classic Elegance and Function
 A Freestanding bath gives an awesome feel in any type of bathroom, screaming glamour, substance & individual style.

you might already have a shower but still you can have an extra space for a freestanding bath tub. You can use the shower when you are in a hurry. And you can use freestanding bath for relax and long bath soaks

State-of-the-art Production
 JT SPAS is one of the best suppliers of quality bathroom accessories and fixtures that can compete with other popular brands in the market. But the advantage in choosing JT SPAS for your bathroom fixture needs is that our products are at affordable prices.

Luxury Within Reach
 luxury product you need for your bathroom and we provide them at affordable price.

Shower Cubicles

Don’t worry about the size of your bathroom we have a huge verity of options available for small size bathrooms. We don’t want you to compromise. At an incredible price, our Premier Quadrant Hydro Massage Shower Cubicles has ultra white profiles and walls, a three function shower head, adjustable slide rail kit, and 8 adjustable body jets that are thermostatically controlled with a chrome shower valve. It’s truly the next level from conventional showering, and at a price that you can afford.