My bio of a fellow journalist


Jessica Rodriguez, a 15-year-old girl living the life in Milwaukee, Wisconsin, is tired of the reaction she receives about her ethnicity. Every time, eyes widen and mouths form the word “Really?” when she tells them her background. Her family, half Puerto Rican, half African American, is known for their giving lifestyle and compassionate hearts.

Jessica’s parents are both pastors at their local church, where she also actively participates in Fellowship. On the side, Mr. Rodriguez is a chef and also has a lawn business. He works hard to provide for the family every day. When he comes home at night, his family can’t wait to greet him and gather for dinner, homemade by Mrs. Rodriguez.

Her eldest sibling and sister, Tiffany, is a busy social worker for children, where she fights for both their liberties and their dignity. One of her brothers, Justino, is a cop on the streets. Finally, her other brother, Ernesto, wants to be an auto mechanic, which is a passion he shares with his dad.

Jessica herself wants to be a Marriage and Family counselor, due to her love of relationships. For this same reason, she loves curling up with a good romance novel.

Jessica, quirky and fun, is afraid of spiders in every shape and size. On the inside, her fears are a little deeper. She worries about beginnings, and about meeting people. She is constantly aware of what people think of her, which it makes it hard for her to be confident. However, she has overcome this and is now socially active in real life and on Snapchat.

Jessica’s had the same best friend, Larto Plybeah since kindergarten. Even though she lives in Georgia, they still keep in touch and talk often. In the future, Jessica one day hopes to find that perfect someone and settle down into a long, blissful life.

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