The Problem

Managing multiple projects can sometimes be arduous. One of the things I struggled with was: given the current phase of the project, who currently owns it? Moreover, who is responsible for moving the needle forward next? The answer is usually the project manager. In my case, we use AirTable to…

The growing search trends on Google of ‘Health and Wellness’ (blue) and ‘Cyber Security’ (red)

Cyber attacks will soon kill people, and this is the place to get into shape.

There has been a growing trend in searches on Google for both Health and Wellness as well as Cyber Security. The world is becoming increasingly interested in their physical and mental health as well as…

I’ve always wondered: why, in the professional world, do people sometimes send seemingly random (and usually empty!) requests to connect on LinkedIn? I believe there is an important distinction to be made between a connection and a contact, and for that I’d like to share a short story with you…

Jordan Violet

Editor of Cyber Healthy. I am building a developer relations program at FireEye. I enjoy coding and teaching others!

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