Fake News is just that: Fake

Over the last few months, especially in the area regarding the American presidential election, there has seemed to be an issue of ‘fake news’ getting spread around and influencing the media. This could be misleading headlines, ‘clickbait,’ misinterpretations, bias, or simply intentionally false information. This has led to the question asking whether it’s the public’s fault for believing the fake news or if the writers are at fault for spreading lies. Personally, ‘fake news’ does NOT exist and the American public is to blame for this even being an issue.

There is no such thing as fake news. Sensationalized headlines, such as those in the magazine “National Inquirer” have been around for years, and have not caused any problems until now. It is simply the fact that more readers have been stupid enough to believe every article they read and click on these obviously fake headlines. Headlines with capitalized words in them, or anything to the effect of “Would you believe…” are obviously fake, and spread around websites such as Facebook to either try to trick dumb readers or simply to gain advertisement revenue. If you ask me, I can’t blame these writers either. Some are earning up to $27,000 per month in ad revenue just from traffic to the fake news site which the article is published on. I’m sorry if this offends anyone, but to make money by preying on people’s stupidity sounds like a dream job to me.

In politics, many people are very attached to one side or another, especially regarding the past election between Hillary Clinton and Donald Trump. When a Trump supporter sees an article claiming Hillary is going to jail, or that Obama’s birth certificate is fake, they typically believe it because this supports their prior beliefs and they want to use it as ‘factual’ evidence against their opponent. The same is true for Hillary supporters regarding any headline referring to how stupid Trump is, or what hypocritical/unethical thing he did now. This is the stupidity of readers which I’ve talked about and which leads to these fake news stories being shared all over the internet.

Lastly, I do not believe fake news exists because I believe government officials created the term. Especially in Trump’s administration, social media presence is key. I personally believe that when the administration sees a story which may or may not be real, they jump to accuse it of being ‘fake news’ and thus creating the controversy with which we are faced currently. ‘Fake news’ is just that: fake. It does not exist, and it would not be an issue if we did not make it an issue. Let it go. You have your side, and I’ll have mine. If you find facts which go against my beliefs, so be it. Let’s not accuse everything of being fake and let’s not believe everything we read.

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