Why are hats not allowed in high school?

High school students- especially boys- aren’t always the most hygienic individuals. Do we really have time to shower before school every morning? Just how important is it that I brush my teeth tonight? This shirt doesn’t smell THAT bad, right? So if a high schooler maybe… forgets… to shower one morning, do you really want to be able to notice (assuming they don’t smell awful)?

Many high school boys, like myself, have somewhat lengthy hair. When we wake up, it usually looks like a bird nested in it overnight. Not to mention it may be just a bit… nasty. When we already have to be at school by 7:30 A.M., we don’t have a lot of time to get as much sleep as possible with time left over to tidy ourselves up.

I spent spring break in Florida with my baseball team last week. We had 7:30 practices every morning, so needless to say we usually woke up around 7:15 or so. This obviously didn’t leave time to take a morning shower, and why would I take one before I get all sweaty at baseball anyway? So, when I woke up, I was glad I could hide the mess which was my hair by wearing a baseball cap. Which leads me to wonder- why can’t I just do this for school every day? I could sleep in an extra 15 minutes or so every morning, and just throw a hat on and look somewhat decent! However, hats are not allowed inside my high school. This is just wrong.

High schoolers such as myself deserve the right to be able to hide our messy hair- whether it be from poor hygiene or wind or simply a bad hair day- from our fellow students. Now, you may be thinking that not allowing hats forces boys to have some sort of hygienic standards, but so long as people don’t take advantage of it, that shouldn’t be an issue. While I do understand that argument and I concede that point, I still believe that high school students should be able to avoid the embarrassment of messy hair and cover it uo by wearing a hat in class.

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