Tucson, Arizona is a long way from Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam. This is how far one student has traveled to study language and business management in the United States. Hanna Nguyen CQ, Hanna Nguyen, 23, is currently a student at Pima Community College and like many students at PCC she is planning to transfer to the University of Arizona for her degree.

Nguyen was born in the largest city in Vietnam. Ho Chi Minh City, formerly known as Saigon, has a population estimated at 7.98 million (according to Wikipedia). “It is quiet here,” Nguyen said, “I miss the noise of home.” This is one of the main reasons going downtown is one of her favorite activities in Tucson. “It is noisy and busy,” Nguyen said.

She misses her family, but does live with her aunt in Tucson. Nguyen left her two brothers and parents nine months ago to begin her college experience in the U.S. Her dad was able to come and visit her for two weeks recently and she hopes her mom will be able to visit next year. Nguyen is only allowed one visitor per year.

Nguyen started studying English in secondary school and has continued to study it for 11 years. She has also studied Chinese for two years. She is hoping to earn her Business Management Degree and use it in Import/Export of agriculture back in Vietnam.

For Nguyen to be able to come to the United States to study she had to get a Visa. She was giving a 3 year Visa to get her 4 year degree. She will have to renew her Visa before she finishes her studies in the U.S. The grades she gets in school will play a part in the process of renewing her Visa. If she has a C or lower average she will have to re-interview for her Visa, no matter what she has to go back to Vietnam to renew her Visa.

When not studying, Nguyen likes to watch Vietnamese shows on YouTube. Her favorite genres are comedy and horror. She has also been able to visit Las Vegas and Disneyland. When asked about Vegas “I really like the outlet malls,” Nguyen said, “I also really liked the Water Show (at the Bellagio).” When asked about Disneyland Nguyen got a big smile and explained how she really liked it there. “Lots of toys,” she said.

Naturally, Nguyen misses the food from her country, but does like Miss Saigon in Tucson. “I like it, but it is not the same as home.” She said.