And so our tale is coming to an end.

Yesterday I cycled again, and swam in a lake, and lay by said lake legs akimbo and I forgot about the cup totally. It’s not like I had anyone to talk to. (Except the guy that asked if I happened to have rolling papers). That’s how easy it is to forget! I like how I don’t have to think about it for the entire day and not worry about how long it’s been. Also apparently because it doesn’t soak up all the nice internal lady moisturisers they say you can put it in the day your period’s due, even if it hasn’t started. So that’s quite convenient for us busy ladies on the go. The following photo does not support my argument for being a busy lady on the go, but I did do a number of things that day

The lake in question. Ok my legs are crossed here but I COULD HAVE HAD THEM WIDE OPEN IF I WANTED TO

So, if I were asked to be on the Late Late Toy show to discuss this product, I would give it 9 out of 10.


Seriously though I would give it 9.

Number 1. The reason I dock a point is that I would say that if you’re going to try it for the first time, maybe don’t choose the first day of your Leaving Cert or your wedding day, because it adds a few minutes to your schedule just getting used to it. (It has only just occurred to me now that people might plan their weddings around their periods. How do they work it out so far in advance?!!) But saying that you don’t exactly need to put in for annual leave. Just take an alternative with you to make you feel more confident. I brought a back-up with me each time, but never felt like using it.

Number two. Yes, Number twos. YES I SAID IT OK? RIGHT I’M JUST GOING TO SAY A LITTLE BIT ABOUT THIS. How shall I put this. I personally. over the last few days. of this experiment. generally. felt more positive about not having Selene present while my tummy system was tending to its affairs. I don’t think there’s any real need to go into that. I will add that the instructions say you can totally have your cake and do a poo, but that if you want to, of course, take it out, noone’s forcing you to do anything and really you’re all grown women so there’s absolutely no need to handhold you through the whole business but basically menstrual cups are just like tampons with regard to this and the less said about it the better.

At this stage I feel the need share this painting I saw hanging on the door of a toilet in a nice restaurant, which inexplicably depicts a topless young girl being harrassed while on the toilet by flying bullying toddlers. I had and still have numerous issues with this. Who painted this? Why? Why did they frame it? Why did the nice restaurant display it? It’s not even well painted! I suppose I could use it as an opportunity for a shock tactic: this will definitely happen to you when you’re on the toilet if you don’t reconsider your harmful feminine hygiene choices. The environment babies are gonna get you. Probably not. But lock the door.

I’ll be Selenin’ ya!

So, to finish, I found the whole thing kind of like a fun experiment. If you treat it like that, I’d say it’s more likely that you will approach it in a relaxed way and stick with it. It is very satisfying, because I know it’s better all round. It has and will get even easier with practice. Especially the birthing parts.

Like I was saying, I think it’s a good sign that with each day I felt like I had less and less to say about it.

Which is great and all when you want to switch menstrual products. But not really like if you want to get a blog going. Worst topic choice ever. Period.

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