throughout this 25years of my life, I have let my parents, the bunch of brothers that I’ve known for half of my lifetime, and pretty much my friends down.

走錯了許多步。但是這些人仍然留在我身邊。他(她)們從來沒放棄我。甚至還鼓勵我,支持我走對的方向。現在長大了,今年就要 26 歲了。我還是一事無成。對自己特別的失望。

all these while, those cousins and the little sister of mine have been looking up to me. always turning to me for opinions and decisions. but little did they know that actually it was me who needs their support. many times I’ve wanted to thank them but my ego gets the best of me.

it’s a start of a new year. I really wanna have a change in life. quit my ‘part-time’ job was a good start. I never ever wanna go back to that life.

I need to achieve something this year. I need to work harder this year.

#jtym #keepgoing #dontgiveup

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