Technical Machine’s $1M graduation present

Tim, Jia, Jon, Kelsey, and Eric: Congratulations on raising 1M! You guys continue to amaze.

Last February at HackMIT, Tim Ryan stood up and gave an amazing pitch for Music Maps, a project helped hacked together in 24 hours. 20 minutes later, he had two VC business cards in hand, telling him to get in touch as soon as he started a company. One of those was Rough Draft Ventures.

Months later, Tim did just this. Technical Machine, the company he founded with Jon McKay and Jia Huang, two of his friends at Olin College of Engineering, raised $4k from Rough Draft Ventures in April. They then went on to participate in the Summer@Highland incubator.

Six months later, Technical Machine just raised $1M. I can’t say anyone at Olin, Rough Draft, or in Boston is surprised.

These guys are some of the hardest working people I know. A rather hilarious example of this is when Jon and Kelsey kayaked into town in rural Alaska to get WiFi at the the town dump. Jon was checking on their crowd-funding campaign while Kelsey was on grizzly bear-watching duty.

The $1M investment, led by True Ventures, will further Technical Machine’s mission to create the development tools which will empower the next generation of connected devices.

In two weeks, Jia and Tim are graduating from Olin and will be working on this endeavor full-time. It looks like they just got a $1M graduation present.