‘Vicky Pattison doesn’t have a clue’ Jodie Marsh exclusively blasts reality TV stars for fitness DVDs and supplements

JODIE Marsh has blasted the likes of Vicky Pattison and Charlotte Crosby for bringing out fitness DVDs and supplements.

The INBF Bodybuilding champion — who runs JST Jodie supplements business — has confessed she isn’t a fan of young reality TV stars moving into the world of health and fitness to earn a “quick buck”.

Speaking exclusively to OK! Online, Jodie, 37, said: “I have a few bugbears in the world of celebrity and health and fitness.

“One of my bugbears is that I don’t like really young people bringing out fitness DVDs, and saying ‘Oh, do this, and you’ll look like me’, because when you’re 22 and just naturally skinny, you can’t then say ‘It’s because of this DVD or my supplements I look like this’.

“I really get annoyed when young people, like the TOWIE girls, do it.

“Then, the likes of Vicky Pattison; I really like her, I really do, I think she’s such a lovely girl,but if you sat her down and grilled her on health, fitness and nutrition and asked her about how to change your body, she would not have a clue.

Jodie Marsh insisted Vicky Pattison knows nothing about health and fitness [Getty]

“She wouldn’t know the first thing about it, and she’s not the sort of person who keeps the weight off.”

Here’s what the former Celebrity Big Brother star — who married personal trainer James Placido in August 2015 — believes you REALLY need to do to stay in shape like her.

Jodie Marsh has given OK! Online her best advice for keeping in shape [PH]

We’re talking about your supplement range JST Jodie today. What are the newest ones in your range, and how do they help?

The newest addition is the OMG bar, which are these bite-sized protein bars, and everyone is raving about them. They’re like a healthy snack you can have at any point during the day, and they’ve got nearly 8 grams of protein per bar. It’s like having a chocolate bar during the day that’s yummy and not healthy, but it’s actually healthy and still tastes good.

My husband eats them as well, he’s become addicted to them, because we’re both on a bit of a diet together. The 2 of us are trying to lose weight at the moment, and I’m not able to train at the moment because I’ve got a neck injury, so I’m eating a really healthy diet so I don’t put on weight.


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Jodie Marsh hasn’t been able to train due to a neck injury [PH]

Has that been quite hard for you, with you obviously being so into your fitness?

Yeah, it’s very frustrating and I don’t think I’m a nice person when I don’t train. I feel like my body has a lot of energy and I needs training as a release. It’s almost like therapy for me, it makes me feel good, it makes me feel happy.

I think James probably thinks I’m a very grumpy wife at the moment, as I’m not training and I’m not happy. Not training is annoying me in itself, so I’ve had to find other ways of not exercising but still losing weight.


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Jodie Marsh said her husband James Placido must think she’s horrible, when she’s not training! [Jodie Marsh/Instagram]

So what have you been doing instead?

I’ve been doing 2 dog walks a day instead of 1, and the dogs don’t actually need it. They’ll be asleep, and I’ll be like, ‘Come on, we’re going out again’, and they look at me like, ‘Is she joking?’.

I’m also seeing a cranial osteopath for a neck injury, and she’s told me I have to put this ice pack on it 4 times a day. What’s really interesting is I’ve been sitting on the exercise bike with the ice pack on my neck, trying to do the exercise bike and keep the ice pack on my neck at the same time.

It’s a very good workout in itself, but I’m just doing everything I can to not put on weight, stay fit and to keep sane.

Jodie Marsh has been doing more dog walking instead of training [PH]

Are you quite strict with your diet then?

I’m not normally, because when I’m training, I can eat what I want. And my body, genetically, I’m quite lucky that the more muscle I build the more I can eat, because my body burns food up.

But at the moment I’m on quite a strict diet, because I can’t train at the moment and I don’t want to get fat.

James is on it with me, which is nice, because it’s not as hard when you’re doing it with someone else.

James and I have been like pigs before now. We do like our cake, chocolate and pizzas, and when I’m weight training I can get away with it eating it. But when I’m not training, I have to be quite careful or I will just blow up.

Jodie Marsh and her husband James Placido are currently on a strict diet [Jodie Marsh/Instagram]

So what have you been eating?

I’ve got meal replacement protein shakes out of my own range, and I’ve been having 2 of those a day. I’ll have 1 for breakfast and 1 for lunch, and in between that the snacks I’ll have will be a banana, half a punnet of strawberries or half a punnet of raspberries, rice cakes with peanut butter on it, or one of those OMG bars.

And for dinner, I’ll have something really healthy. At the moment, I’ve become addicted to smashed avocado on toast, and been having that for dinner every night. So I’ll have 2 pieces of toast, 2 avocados, a whole load of garlic crushed into it, bit of lemon juice, bit of chopped up chilli, and been having that for dinner every single night.

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Jodie Marsh’s Barbados wedding to James Placido [Aniya Emtage Legnaro: www.lifebyaniya.com]

What does your gym wardrobe look like?

I used to go to a gym in Brentwood, and I’d wear tight leggings and a little sports bra, with a vest over the top of that, and trainers. But now, I’ve got a gym at home, so I nearly always train in my pyjamas or my underwear.

I like to be comfy and the reason I sometimes train in my underwear is because I’ve got 1 whole wall of the gym as mirrors, so obviously you can see yourself training. And I like that because I like to see what body parts I’m working.

For me to have the luxury to train in bra and knickers is amazing, because you obviously couldn’t do that in your local gym. But, of course, James comes home from work, finds me in the gym in my bra and knickers, and gets quite excited and not a lot of training gets done — not my muscles anyway!

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