Pink Chucks.

Penned: 08 Nov 2005

Last Night,

You were zapped by the pair of pink chucks.

Your mind drifted away from afar,

Traveling across the conduits of your past,

Excavating from each boxes

Of your memories,

The feelings you’ve once had

But you find impossible to transcend from.

Was it him, who knocked

And beat you off from your real senses?

Or was it the feeling itself,

And the blissful moments you two shared,

That perturbs your soul once more?

Or was it both?


You are wearing a pair of pink chucks.

You impressed an aura of vibrant upturn.

Though your gorgeous chinky, little eyes

Mirrors the deep emotion you thrived.

Though your boisterous, yet melodic laughter

Echoes a horizon only you could understand.

Though your unfettered gestures

Reveal clandestinely your silent admiration.

Your soul surreptitiously conveys a lingering desire

To continue writing your unfinished story –

What could have been a beautiful illustration

Of ebullient emotion and ardent passion.


You’ll continue to wear those pink chucks.

You’ll always look good on those pair of chucks.

Lest you’ll finally realized that more than

Him, the person you’ve been pining for,

And the feelings you’ve been trying to re-capture,

You are capable of manifesting true and real emotion

You can reveal love — so pure, intense and firm

That it can withstand the rigid glare of the sun,

Or the tarnishing smears of the humid air.

That it can last forever in a lifetime,

Even more than the pink chucks can ever endure.

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