From the city to the laptop, wherever it might be. As scary as it may sound, decentralized labor is an increasingly powerful direction.

Remote Work, a computer over a field on the country side
Remote Work, a computer over a field on the country side

The hype of remote work is growing every year. Today’s forcing viral situation has made this at least visible for everyone.

The increasing trend allows workers to discard commute and bring some control over their time management at home daily.

Full days pass by, and the work is done.

After all, that happens in an office,

Remote work seems permanent when you’re doing it. “I’m a Remote Worker, a lifestyle I wouldn’t change it for the world.” The truth is that none of these terms are definitive. …

The auto-suggested paths that can change your learning and have the potential of being your Portable University.

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Finding dead moments to learn stuff.

We jump into the treadmill and set 20 min. The most boring 20 min ever. We spend 30 commuting every single day to get to the office. We wait in lines wondering “how much slower it can be?”. We take the bus, look through the window and realize our life is passing by those unusable moments.

During the day, there are segments between activities we throw away. Even during some activities, there is time we give away!

Now and again we are possessed by our habits. …

Getting money to eat and keeping us healthy is a cycle that never ends. What happens if we surpass that mode?

Survival Mode On
Survival Mode On
Our inner caveman still wonders and hunts for survival.

We worry about how to survive so much that most of us can’t switch, look aside, or get over the way we think, feel, or act. Our survival mode wins, and we let it do so. We feel the urge to have the security of knowing what to eat and keeping our loved ones and us healthy.

We use our survival to understand our existence. Our allows us to think only in ourselves and how to solve our infinite needs. We will overcome our scarce self by leaving the place to our abundant self. …


Juan Mantz

Digital Nomad, Creative Director. Helping startups to increase their value through visual storytelling.

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