An adventure travel to Greece

Greece is a fascinating country where the history and culture equal to its natural beauty, it is therefore important to keep in mind this place for an adventure travel. Strategically located between Europe and Asia, Greece is one of the countries that most influence has had in the history of the West. In Greece was born the concept of civilization, democracy, the Olympic Games, literature, the study of the history, politics and the basic principles of science and mathematics.

Precisely this historical importance has left in Greece a heritage artistic and architectural very difficult to find in any other part of the world.

An adventure travel in Greece must always start with its capital, Athens. The beauty of Athens begins in its name. Was born over 3,000 years ago, thanks to the maritime trade that arrived in the port of Piraeus. Here was born democracy and the ideas and thoughts of its philosophers and writers, mathematicians, politicians and historians, marked the evolution of Greece, Rome and western culture in general.

In Athens are the architectural monuments more important things to see in Greece. The Parthenon stands towering in the Acropolis, from where, together with other temples and buildings, dominates the Greek capital. Other emblematic places where you can learn the art and history of the city are the Agora former, the Roman Agora, Lycabettus Hill, the museum of the Acropolis and the temple of Olympian Zeus.

Although there are many islands to visit in Greece, the most popular of all are the ones that make up the archipelago of Santorini.

The white facades — and lintels and blue doors — the houses of the villages which overlook cliffs that die in the sea, appear in any postcard tourist sites in Greece.

You can explore the islands that form Santorini by boat. The villa more romantic is Oia, although the majority have arrived with the ferry to Fira. Hire a boat tour and take a dip in beaches very different from each other. You can also rent a car or a motorcycle and visit archaeological sites as Akrotiri and ancient Thira.

Santorini is considered as one of the most romantic places in the world, so you do not miss its legendary sunsets. Ideal for an adventure travel too.

And the largest island in the Dodecanese is located only 18 km from the Turkish coasts and has a great legacy of myths and legends, in addition to some of the most famous beaches to visit in Greece.