Why Typography Matters — Especially At The Oscars
benjamin bannister

Exactly, I would go even further, it’s a matter of LOGIC. The Oscars are based on categories (Best Actor, Best Actress, Best Picture, etc), so the first thing we should see on the card is the current category that is going to be announced, period. The second thing, is who own in that category, and lastly from which picture is that person. The Oscars brand should not be the focus on that paper.

Using that improved structure a given person would get the paper, open it and start reading from top to bottom, left to right: “hum… let’s see, what’s this paper about? Oh yes, Best Actor, so… who own that? Oh right, this person here with the bold name, from which picture is he? Oh yes, it’s right here below his name”. The structure would be: “<Category Award> goes to <Name> from <Picture>”, that simple!

Way better than the current structure we have where you should first look at the end of the paper, find that small sentence to know which category you will be talking about, then go back to the top of the paper.

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