What and How did you do?

This week, we did charrette which is a rapid and burning design activity. My group had to design a new feature of car for busy-soccer mom. The scenario was For the next day, busy-soccer mom was trying to organize her plans and calculates routes to drop off and pick up her kids in right time. However, although she organizes her plan, she has to go back and check her plan and put new addresses to go while she is in her car. In order to fix this inconvenience, as she organizes her plan with her phone, with Bluetooth feature, it will sync with her car; then display her agenda. Also it will calculate routes that she has to go for the day. So she doesn’t have to keep check her plan and new addresses on her phone.

Before we design, we used sticky notes to brainstorm different types of users

So What? What did I learn from this session?

I was surprised how my team can make one design this fast, especially with team with I never met before. Further, the result came better than what I thought. However, I really wished more time so that we can make better scenario; For future, before I design, I want to interview busy-soccer mom about prototype that we discussed above and ask about their thoughts.

What did I liked about this session?

I thought using sticky notes were interesting. I am volunteering to a research group and I’ve seen before using sticky notes to combine thoughts. Yet, I never expected to use sticky notes for this class. I think sticky notes are useful as a visual representation of thoughts and ideas.

This was the picture of how busy-soccer mom can interact with the car that we designed

For My future goal…

I am really interested in children’s education and this week activity was helpful for me to brainstorm ideas with a team. I can see myself in future doing discuss about users, make scenario, and think about how user would interact. Whole activity gave me some flavor of designing process.

Because this is user center design, as a designer, the product shouldn’t make users to feel bad and the product should not be complicated to use. I was well-reminded that design is not about just building a tool but think about users and how design can make users to enjoy to use.