The struggles of video game development

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Hey there, video game aficionados and developer folks! 
I think only indie devs can relate to this article. The desperate struggling of making a video game likeable for the public.
Everyone knows at least one guy that only plays fifa, is a hardcore xbox fan boy ands only plays League of Legends on the pc.

And our group of friends/gaming community that prefer retro classics. Like “Graphics is not all”, people that make you believe pixel art is the best, that they’re the majority. For me, playing all undergound games, was a nightmare when speaking to self-titled gamers about them. It was worst when I couldn’t afford a PS4 and some of my classmates would buy them just for Fifa. 
Now that I told ya a little of me background, let’s head to the actual subject of this article.

Life is difficult when you start making video games at 14. I would start making 2-d zombie-themed multiplayer video games for pc. I could never enjoy a game like people should; I would always think about “how they programmed that”, “That would be better if they added this”, or even trying to get ideas from them to my own video games. 
I would never get praise from people around me, not even when I made a game parody starring that one teacher we all hated.

I believed pixel art was the greatest, as my own engine combined both pixel graphics and dynamic shaders and lighting from new generations, all in a 2-d base. 
The real struggle started when people started looking at my screen saying “That looks promising, you should make a profit out of what you do”. 
Real world has a lot of contenders, some better than you. 
I always try to make a living out of game development, via fundraising websites. Worse comes in when you are a 1-person team. Getting resources cost. Just when you think you created something everyone would like, you realize that a trading card game, or a potato salad got more profit than something you invested most of your time into.

Such is the case of my last video game campaign “Concutio Historia”

You even give up, when it was your only hope of getting goals in your life. For me, as an intern that gets paid almost nothing, it could had been my motivation. Working right now in a mobile game as my last hope, I ask myself, what does everyone want? Shooters? Realistic graphics?

How can I continue when I’m losing faith more than ever?
Have you ever get the funds for a project you put your effort into?