Day One in Photos: The First U.S. President in Cuba in 88 Years
Ben Rhodes

Mr President, Thank you. We hope that in time all this efforts will turn for the best , for the cuban people in the island and for those millions of cubans all around the world. Thank you for bringing hopes for a future where before there was only an empty and ugly dark space. By now the world and Castro realizes that this isnot about United States and Cuba in conflict,isnot about goverments in conflict or “David and Goliath”; This is now about us cubans, from any ideological background, to find our own peace , our own space and built our own future. What it makes this historic event more beautiful is that all this is accoplish without military invasions, No shots , no marines … that proves :when a man has good will , good intentions and good ideas the world changes. Briliant Mr President.We are proud of you . Thank you Again.

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