I swallow everyone still on the ground alive, The ones that don’t believe in themselves, The ones who would rather look away than analyze a line.

Imagine rape receipts following your every move, like a child trapped in infancy, I was met with broken glass, put on a flight off this earth and was told to calculate the cost, sit down this is class.

Expose most people to their core I can feel that they don’t understand their past, it’s insanity when the pressure pocket hits your eyes, a limit to make scar tissue reverberate and blast faster than tainted i.v. on a hospital bed that you paid rent for, tell me how long will it last?

Psychological tenants afraid of their closet, afraid of their parents, it’s light out when your psychosis tells you that something is true, a burrowed out devil grew up in the heart of a white supremacist project.

I feel nothing but pity when a laced shot hits my head, it’s difficult to dig out compassion when I know I can call an order and speak up for the dead. Money is irrelevant when I know it’s these verses that move mountains, put production to the side, I know what he made you witness deserves death and nothing but the meeting of my lashes.

There goes the runaway slave gifted with the ability to rearrange a system, others and I already landed ourselves into a successful situation, surviving blacked out moments worthy of a international criminal’s court convention, hit the water supply and witness a new invention.

Ready to die I swear my life is played out, I’m not talking about the bullet that could dig me out. They’re going to have to get an actual sword to decapitate me from the wealth of their account. Crooked can go both ways, but I’d rather bridge the gap, landmines in the field, my rage will only increase, lives on a cross wire now you can hold that.