Swiftcash strategy branding creation

made by part or the team


A currency is powerful because of its adoption, a project is valued for its relationship with the community. Acceptance creates value, rewarding the actions of storing and using. Cryptocurrencies are an alternative to the creation of money from debt and return power to the community that makes use of the currency. The participation in the creation of money with the POS mining is a social and economic revolution, as well as the fact of the administration of public funds with collective goals.
SwiftCash must have a brand strategy and visual identity Created by experts in marketing, design, and communication. In this way we will have the necessary tools to create the environment and transmit the message of decentralization and decentralized governance.


In this proposal I will coordinate several teams of creatives to contribute in each phase and ingregate to DAO and actively participate in the network. It is important to bear in mind that the payments will be to have coins and configure nodes, and dump and damage the market, in the same way to establish nodes we can guarantee the maintenance of some fixed costs with the production of mining and then request more funds go ahead for specific objectives and campaigns. With this system we do not have a fixed cost in the community as the core team of other DAOs and the fund is constantly used for the most important thing: to grow and evolve. We encourage all network participants to be part of this automated and sustainable strategy.

some basic draws

Brand Development

The development of the brand with a set of experts and feedback with the community will be the first step. For this we will carry out a series of workshops formed by practical exercises and forms to the different members of the community in Discord that want to contribute and give their opinion in this process. With the results of these first workshops we will create a brand platform that helps to create a branding and communication strategy to create a solid and coherent brand with the meanings and proposals of the community. All this to show a serious and professional project and be able to continue growing in number and quality of users.


ISTELA LEONOR AND DIEGO CANELON (hippiehappie) 21PRODUCTIONS (swiftcash España team)



BLOCKBRANDERS (swiftcash España team): https://www.blockbranders.com



JUAN BARÓ (Cryptoneo)(Swiftcash España founder-team) https://steemit.com/@juanbaro


BITCORP (swiftcash España Team) https://www.facebook.com/Bitcorpglobal/

-SERGIO G. GOMEZ (Swiftcash España team) www.sergiogarciagomez.es 
https://twitter.com/esepuntoge https://drive.google.com/drive/folders/1EkWIEoC7D7Ll98oX2GcfC3yjicKS5MIW

-JOSE F. SANCHEZ (Swiftcash R. Dominicana Founder Team) https://www.instagram.com/jojotas/

(some previous works)

blockchain decentralized magazine
complete brand development
many brands created
many videos produced


  • Creation of analysis, brand strategy, rebranding and corporate applications to consolidate the brand before the public of interest.-Project diagnosis: Introduction, Scenario, Protagonists, Territory and current Brand.
  • Analysis of the competition.
  • Target audiences.
  • Brand platform: Mission / Vision, Meanings, Values, Attributes, Personality, Archetype, Purpose, Brand idea and summary.
  • Visual Identity: Logo, Symbol, Corporate typography, Chromatic range, graphic elements.
  • Applications: Cover Whitepaper, Look & Feel Home, Avatar, Cover Social Networks and Sticker.


4 Weeks


500,000 SWIFT (there will be 25 new nodes for the team, to be part of the network and not dump, there will be no budgetary expenses more than all the working hours and the experience with which the community will work to develop the brand during December, we hope to be part of the decentralized marketing team that will be assembling in the community)

250,000 SWIFT for brand proposal

For vote use the command: 
mnbudget vote-many 
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and 250,000 SWIFT for videos proposal https://medium.com/@twentyone/pre-proposal-for-swiftcash-videos-e2e2904bcf1e

For vote use the command: 
mnbudget vote-many 
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