5 Types of Side Hustles That Will Help You Fund Your Startup

Not every startup will secure VC funding. Many will have to self-fund their startup to get it off the ground. Having a side hustle can be a way to make enough income to keep the dream alive until it takes off.

My path to becoming an entrepreneur is hardly a typical one. I was a bit of a late bloomer. Being an entrepreneur didn’t come naturally to me. None of my mentors in life were advising me to take that path. So, I spent a good number of years battling the bureaucracies of the corporate world. I didn’t start my own company until I was 38.

Doing so took a considerable amount of risk on my part. I didn’t have VC funding, in fact, I am self-funding my startup. Getting started can prove quite challenging even for the entrepreneurs with the best business ideas, products, inventions, etc.

Being an entrepreneur is a grind, and there are many barriers to entry. I’d like to share what I did and a few of the strategies that my entrepreneur friends have used to help supplement their income as they worked on getting their startup off the ground. These people were also late bloomers and had a family to support when they started their business.

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