Membrane is Back!

  • Orthogonal Persistence. Membrane programs are persistent, they can run for hours, days, or even years[1] but there’s no need to worry about saving state to a database! A Membrane program _is_ a database! Yeah, crazy. Unless you’re a Smalltalk fan, of course.
  • No need to learn anything new, just plain old JavaScript or TypeScript.
  • Unified GraphQL-based APIs. Membrane removes the need to repeatedly learn individual APIs by exposing a unified interface to access and control all data, databases, or APIs. Connectors are open source so anyone can build their own.
  • Security is built-in and fine-grained. Our capabilities-based system lets you share access to as little as a single spreadsheet cell or as much as your entire Stripe account. You decide.
  • Instant deploys. Just run $ mctl update my-amazing-program or use our snappy VS Code integration.
  • Logs and tracing come out of the box. Always know what’s going on. If it’s not logged it didn’t happened.
  • VS Code integration. The entire thing is built right into Visual Studio Code. Imagine having autocomplete for Github, Twitter, Slack, Airtable, AWS, your bots, your life, you get the point.
  • And a bunch of exciting features but let’s not spoil it.




Building the connected tools platform at Used to make games.

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Juan Campa

Juan Campa

Building the connected tools platform at Used to make games.

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