Web APIs, Game Engines, and The Universal Inspect Button

Juan Campa
Jul 2, 2018 · 8 min read

Programmability goals

A game inspector I built for the XNA framework. Displaying a live view of the particle system's properties. This is what we want but for real world things

An example Graph showing some of the nodes in my graph. The leftmost node lists all the drivers on my account. Note how nodes from different services (Github, Gmail, Philips Hue) exist in the same data structure
Traversing my Graph by typing out Refs. I couldn’t do this type of exploration by typing URLs in a browser or using a generic HTTP/REST client like Postman
Membrane recognizes that the expression (a URL in this case) is something that the Github driver understands so it asks the driver to parse it into a Ref for me to use programmatically

Thanks to Eubee Koo and floetic

Juan Campa

Written by

Building the connected tools platform at membrane.io. Used to make games.

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