TL;DR: APIs are hard to use. We’re making it way easier.

  • Game programmers know a trick we should all be using: an inspector.
  • is an inspector for the Web that makes interacting with APIs radically simpler and enables a whole new way to build customized tools for teams or individuals.

Every online service has two faces. One is the GUI in the form of a website meant to be intuitive and easy to use. The other is the API, the machine-readable version. One is human friendly, the other robot friendly. Two interfaces into the same data.

Most people find GUIs intuitive and APIs not so much. Programmers though, happen to find APIs intuitive. We understand that GUIs are just a layer over a CRUD API and we’ve developed an intuition around that. As a programmer I frequently see opportunities where switching from GUI to API would be advantageous. The GUI is limited to what some UX designer thinks you’d like to do. The API is freer; do whatever you like type of thing. …


Juan Campa

Building the connected tools platform at Used to make games.

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