5 Free Ways to Increase Blog Traffic

Increasing blog traffic is not an exact science but there are general rules and tips that are always beneficial. Here are some tips to follow.

1- On instagram, Use the description area to captivate your viewer with an amazing story. Later comment the appropriate hashtags. Story telling is slowly becoming a very effective way of personally connecting with your audience. Look at “Humans of New York” as an example.

2- Using new platforms within your niche

Lets face it, becoming a sensational hit in a already saturated platform like facebook is becoming harder everyday. The best way to connect with new users is to post on new and active platforms. Its like a high risk investment. You’re investing your time and energy on a platform in the hopes that it grows along with your blog. If it does, then you’re standing on a gold mine. You’ll be the the Brad Pitt or Kim Kardashian of the platform. Every new user whom registers to the platform will easily find you since you were active early on. One great platform that i’m placing my money on is WeShareNotes. The platform is full of bloggers from around the world whom are interested in collaborating.

3- Reverse Engineer good things

Last time I remember signing up to a blog was when it offered an ebook with extreme!! value, not only that but i could truly relate with the author. You see, many bloggers are a bit conservative, which is why they drown in the sea of other conservative blogs. The problem is that being conservative takes away your personal flare or ‘click’ for lack of a better word. So be true to yourself and loosen that inner freak a little bit. Ohh yea, reverse engineering. The ebook had so much value driven content that I naturally reacted by subscribing to receive more from the same author. Me signing up to an email list is a rare occurrence that happens once every millennium and this unknown author made it happen. So what did i do? i reverse engineer the reasons that caused me to sign-up. Good content, check! Good writing, check! Informative, Check! Free with no strings attached! CHECK!. So yea, offer value without asking for anything in return. If you insist in placing some sort of “subscribe to my email list to get more”, then place it within the ebook. Try not to force users to register before receiving, everyone hates it and its annoying.

4- Be consistent with your content

Followers love consistency. Like a TV show, they know when to sign-in to check new content. If you’re a bit lazy and can’t post consistently, then try to find an automated scheduler to post daily for you.

5- Connect your blog to an external trigger

Have you ever heard of “Classical conditioning”. In short, it describes how enough repetition in relation to some trigger can cause certain repetitive behaviors on animals or humans. Here’s a video explaining it.

so how can you use this sort of sorcery to improve your blog? simple, try associating your blog with something external. Something that people are used to seeing every day. For example,

If i create a new blog thinking about applying ‘classical conditioning’, I would name the blog with something that people tend to see everyday, lets say a pencil. Lets name the blog “Thelovepencil”. Next time your regular user sees a pencil, they are more likely to remember and visit your blog because they are starting to associate a pencil with your blog. Might sound like a lot of horsesh*t but say that to the ice-cream truck that passes by with that annoying siren. Yea, hide your kids and your wallet because that siren is conditioning kids to associate that specific sound with ice-cream.

If you disagree with any points, let me know, i’m always open for a constructive discussion.

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