How to travel and meet bloggers

As a New Yorker, its quite difficult to connect with people. Everyone is running down the sidewalk in their own little bubble away from reality. Such a fast paced environment inhibits the development of business relationships because almost everyone is on call to the next meeting.

For that reason, I decided to go traveling and see the world. To my amazement, well developed countries like Thailand have a well placed environment for developing connections. There’s a great atmosphere of “digital nomads” , people that travel and work online. I also found that staying at Hostels is a great way to meet world travelers. I’ve probably meet more travelers in the past 2 weeks than a whole year in New York. People in Thailand are really friendly and open to share their work but the essence of meeting up for collaboration is still not there. Maybe its me, maybe I expect too much or maybe there needs to be a better tool that connects creators.

As a solution, I created WeShareNotes. An online platform that aggregates bloggers throughout the web and pinpoint them on a global map. Does it sounds cool? well, thats because it is.

So lets answer the essential question that everyone is interested in. What can WeShareNotes do for me? and how can I travel and meet bloggers?

Well, as a map that pinpoints bloggers, its an amazing tool for contacting bloggers near you. In essence, you’ll have the power to travel around the world and meet people who are creating, inventing, singing their lungs out, and most importantly sharing it with people like you. If thats not of great benefit to you, then I don’t know what is. Once registered and logged-in, users are able to see what others are working on by viewing their submitted posts and personal profiles.

If you like the vision of a connected world by the use of creativity and productivity, then do me a favor and share this post.

Your friend,