What I learned from the greatest comeback in Football History

Barca 6–5 PSG

The second leg of the Champions League, Barcelona 0–4 Paris Saint Germain, Uefa’s odds for Barcelona win before the game 0%. 95 minutes later Barca snatched a 6–5 aggregate win, becoming the first team in Champions League’s to turnaround that score. Arguably one of the most amazing nights in football history, and clear testimony that football is the best sport in the world.

Lesson #1

Never sing victory, until the game is over. Other great comebacks: Liverpool vs Milan Champions League’s Final and Manchester United vs Bayer Munich.

Lesson #2

Plan your strategy and execute it meticulously. It worked for Barca and it has worked so many times before.

Lesson #3

Things may look bad, but a true winner never surrenders.

Will Smith from the movie The Pursuit of Happiness

Lesson #4

Luck is a calculated risk.

Barcelona did something magnificent, real character and faith is all you need to get to the top.