Modding Delta Green: Stephen Alzis (Spoilers)

One of my favorite characters in Delta Green is Stephen Alzis, Delta Green’s answer to Ol’ Scratch. But as much as I like Alzis, he is very much a creature of New York.

In my Delta Green campaign (a generational campaign that started in 1926), I wanted to focus the setting on Los Angeles. In my research, I read a book called Southern California: An Island on the Land, by Carey McWilliams. This book makes the point (obvious from Chinatown, L.A. Confidential, and many other films) that Los Angeles was built by ruthless, even criminal, visionaries. So my Alzis, my immortal sorcerer who is tormented by what he has forgotten, is the avatar not of Nyarlathotep but the herald of [REDACTED], and is built in the image of those visionaries. My dealmaker is Domingo Alvarez, a wealthy, connected Mexican-American businessman who is part Alzis, part Alex Abel (from Unknown Armies), part tech entrepreneur but who is also a dreamer.

Alvarez wants to connect the world, to eliminate distance, to bring everything together into a singularity. He thinks he is doing the world a service. And sure, he sometimes has to commit terrible deeds to further his vision, but he believes he is working for the greater good, which just happens to coincide with his desires. He lacks malice, a choice I made in order to tempt my players to underestimate his ruthlessness, but I and they find his righteous zeal at least as frightening as Alzis’s wicked intent.

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