The Gods of Freaky Space-Time

As much as I enjoy Lovecraft’s work, I’m tired of seeing Cthulhu and his ilk everywhere. I used Kevin Crawford’s tables in Silent Legion to compose my own set of Mythos-like deities. Here they are:

The Gods and Their Servitors

Czy’iv, the Mother and Child, are a mad god who seeks to introduce its genetic material into everything and the genetic material of everything into itself. Its main servitors are the Nycokor. Their ancestors hacked our DNA so that we might become one race with them and be worthy to worship Czy’iv. The Nycokor are one result. Other offshoots as well as the original race were killed by the Ozml, a crime that the Nycokor will never forgive.

The Nycokor have three forms: a human form, their original form, a squidlike beings with stalked eyes and sophisticated tentacles that are capable of fine manipulation, and a hybrid form, a mix of the strong human body with the stalked eyes and tentacles. They eat specially grown proteins that are not quite alive, since they believe that killing anything unnecessarily is a waste of a potential host for Czy’iv’s “DNA.” The Nycokor love humans, particularly their human mothers, but they hate human religions and philosophies, since those are false doctrines that keep humans from truly ascending.

Ngoi, the Creator of the Void, is the dark between the stars. Of all the gods, Ngoi actually has a personal view of things, and it’s this: Ngoi hates existence, all of it. It wants to destroy all of existence. It knows the truth, and it drives Ngoi to rage: Existence should not be. Existence came out of nothing, and she wants to return it to nothing, herself included. Ngoi hates Czy’iv in particular, since Czy’iv’s actions make existence more stubborn.

Her servants are the Ozml. They dwell in forgotten places inhospitable to most mortals, but when they needed to be close to mortals, they built underground temples / cities in honor of Ngoi. Some of these still exist. The Ozml, like Ngoi, hate everything (though they tolerate each other), and they often capture and brutalize humans. They interfere with human history constantly as the ultimate agent provocateurs, working both sides of a conflict to greater atrocities. They are master sorcerer-scientists, able to manipulate the hidden rules of the universe with ease.They have no trouble moving, using a bizarre telekinesis that takes them through multiple dimensions. In fact, they have no respect or use for gravity or any sense of direction. They move as they will despite their odd form: A cone-shaped mass, covered in a hard shell, with a beak, and tiny, vestigial arms. Finally, depending on how you look at it, they are either hypocrites or poorly created servants since they do not share their master’s nihilistic wish. Not that they would ever say so out loud (or even to themselves), since to do so would be to court destruction, but they often sabotage their own schemes, whether consciously or subconsciously.

Yotlazan, Lord of Dreams, is a dream that never existed, yet will be reborn. Yotlazan is deja vu, the stray thought, the meme, the addiction, the drug, and, yes, the dream. It does not hate mortals, but where it steps into reality, Yotlazan warps it.

His servitors are Xukluxm. They walk among us unseen, through a parallel dimension. Sometimes they visit humanity, and often, they visit us in dreams or daydreams or in those in-between moments. They fear and hate the minions of Muzolkshoviza (see below). They value delirium, imagination, and change. They disdain direct conversation and prefer metaphor and leaving things unsaid. In their actual forms, they are a cloud of cascading colors that smell of blood and sex. They feed on dreams and delirium, and their voice is clear and melodic. They appear to move through the viewer’s peripheral vision. They are partially insubstantial.

Muzolkshoviza is the Reaver of Words. It destroys concepts and thoughts, and has none of his own. Muzolkshoviza is said to be Yotazlan’s nightmare, which might or might not be true, but it is accurate. Without concept or thought, Yotlazan is useless. It might seem that Muzolkshoviza and Ngoi would be allies, but Ngoi is obsessed with uncreating everything. If Muzolkshoviza had its way, the universe would likely continue to exist, but no one would be around to see it.

Its servitors are the Yaddo. Muzolkshoviza never creates servitors; they just come. They are cold, logical, remorseless mentors of nihilism no matter their actual role in society. They encourage meaningless, apathy, drug use (particularly downers), and suicide, all in the name of peace and freedom from the burdens of society. They see humans, as they see others, as potential recruits. They only take the willing and ignore or destroy the rest. Although they are not a race, they all tend to lose parts of themselves as they continue to serve Muzolkshoviza, eventually becoming a hole in the universe. They then become wraiths, ghosts doomed to imitate the fears or desires of others, until even then, they become nothing. They fear this fate, no matter how much they profess to want to be nothing, but they take that fear as evidence that they have more to give up in order to serve Muzolkshoviza.