In Nethereum all the documentation samples are getting migrated to Xamarin workbooks. The capability to mix executable c# code with explanations written in Markdown provides a magnificent learning experience. Workbooks could be even used as a replacement for console applications or even as a way for business users to test libraries and create their own tests in similar way to gherkin and BDD.

Another great benefit is that workbooks, as they are written in Markdown, can be reused as part of a “readthedocs” documentation.

Maintaining the code and documentation up to date

The workbooks do not solve the ever lasting problem, how to maintain the documentation up to…

Every time that a new development environment is setup to work with Ethereum, we have the problem to distribute Ether to different accounts. Faucets allow developers (or users) to have a self-serve mode to fund their accounts with Ether.

On the Nethereum Github repository you can find a simple Asp.Net core web site for your faucet needs.

Ethereum Flappy Unicorn

I am happy to report that the new release of Nethereum includes support for Unity3d, also you can play the demo game Ethereum Flappy Unicorn here.

Since I began working on Nethereum I have been very excited about the cross platform integration capabilities that .Net brings to Ethereum, including the capability of integration with games, VR and MR.

Combining the support for Urho3d by Xamarin, we can create already cross platform games as per the Nethereum game sample, and other exciting integrations of 3d elements with Xamarin applications including VR.

Juan Blanco

Father of 2 lovely sons, software architecture, blockchain technology, all mixed with the Microsoft Stack. and Comix

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