Introducing InsightMedi Premium | HIPAA-compliant clinical videos on demand

Update, March 2018: the free, public version of InsightMedi as featured in this article is not available anymore. The blog post remains live for historic archiving purposes. Nevertheless the ideas, goals, and overall vision remain the same.

A little over two years ago, when we sat down to discuss the design and development of a photo-sharing app for healthcare, we had a platform in mind that would serve a very specific purpose: “connecting healthcare professionals from all over the world through medical images”. It had to be secure, reliable, and it had to promote patient’s privacy from beginning to end.

We knew then what we still know with certainty today: everyone in healthcare, regardless of expertise, location, or language, shares images related to the job that they do.

Current methods of medical image sharing are usually illegal and incredibly limited in reach, making the whole process risky and many times ineffective. So why do they do it?

At InsightMedi, we strongly believe that the motivation behind this behavior lies within two main forces: consultation and education. Since the inception of the project, we’ve focused our efforts mainly in the former, which is almost a logical consequence of bringing people together into the platform.

Nevertheless, I’m here today to share with you that our company is making a bold move to become a prominent player in the latter. This week we’re introducing what we’ve called InsightMedi Premium, a subscription service to access a vast library of HIPAA-compliant clinical videos on demand.

We do believe that we have an educational role to fulfill at InsightMedi. We’re aware of the potential change we can bring to the table using the technology we develop, and we’re ready to step up our game in the medical education arena. If you want to know more about it, please read on.

The role of video in education

It is a well accepted fact that video is a great teaching and learning tool in every field of education around the globe.

Medical education in particular has been supported by the use of video footage since the 1960s. It has been traditionally linked to knowledge transfer and skills development in critical areas such as prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of clinical conditions.

The way we see it, medical images and videos share many of these same qualities. They’re also efficient means for transferring information and they both play a relevant role in the (positive) outcome of sanitary care.

It is only natural for InsightMedi to pursue the road to video in our platform, exploring the possibilities it could bring to company and the value it could add to our community members.

InsightMedi meets ReelDx

One of the most gratifying experiences that come with the work we do is getting to know other companies undergoing quests similar to our own. ReelDx is one of those companies. This Portland-based startup is led by an extremely experienced and talented team, focused on leveraging the power of video in medical applications.

ReelDx Team: Nancy, David, Bill, Nick, Andrew, and Ein

We’ve been working together for a while now, exploring ideas, collaboration opportunities, and experimenting with our platforms in one way or another.

A couple of months ago we decided to take our integration to the next logical level, offering InsightMedi users the opportunity to access an ever-growing library of clinical videos from our mobile applications. InsightMedi and ReelDx are officially partnering to bring medical video education, developed by practicing physicians, nurses, and paramedics, to our global community.

As it usually happens, we found ourselves once again extremely excited and ready to create something new.

InsightMedi’s approach to videos

We are well aware that users expect a certain behavior from our applications. We’ve been always careful to offer a native user experience in our platforms, while being respectful of industry best practices. To integrate the web-based content of ReelDx into InsightMedi we had to work on some re-organization of the apps UI. We decided to start with InsightMedi for iOS.

It was clear from early on that some things had to be moved out of their usual places to “create” room in the main menu for the Video feed. Making this Video section part of the main structure of the app was a priority for the team.

Notes on the apps UI re-organization

We also wanted to make sure we’d provide the end user with a familiar interface, while allowing the expansion of his interaction with our new content’s format.

Sketch of the new Video feed for InsightMedi

After a couple of iterations, we got to a clean and familiar appearance that would become natural to both new and expert users of the application.

InsightMedi was now ready to bring the advantages of ReelDx’s content to everyone in our network holding an iOS device.

- InsightMedi 3.0 -

InsightMedi Premium with on-demand Video Feed

A flexible subscription model

Our video offering will be accessible all over the world through InsightMedi Premium, a subscription-based program that will include access to high-quality content on a flexible and incredibly affordable monthly fee. InsightMedi Premium includes:

  • 600+ Video Library: ultrasound, imaging, and lab data plus 1000+ topics with new content being added on weekly basis.
  • 100% HIPAA Compliant: videos are fully consented. HIPAA regulations are rigorously followed.
  • Captured by Providers: in the ER, exam room, ambulance, and developing world.
  • Peer Reviewed: editorial comments and content review from healthcare professionals.

A few videos will always be available for free to all our users. It’s important for us to provide a mechanism to let you “try before you buy”. We’re confident that the value will be evident, and we’ll do our part to keep improvements coming to the platform.

If you upgrade your account today, as part of a launch promotion, you’ll get a 50% discount ($4.99) on the regular price of the monthly subscription ($9.99). Just make sure you download the latest version of InsightMedi and tap on the “Discover Premium” section of the Video feed.

Subscribe to Premium right from within the app

What’s next for Premium?

Our idea is to build on the Premium subscription over time to increase the value for our community.

Right now, InsightMedi Premium is only available on iOS. In the following weeks we’ll extend the program to our Android users.

In the near future, our Premium offering will include advanced features — additional to the Video feed — that will suit the needs of our power users and healthcare institutions.

Do you have feedback or Premium requests? Get in touch!

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