El enlace entre la Psicología y la Experiencia de Usuario

Psicología del usuario : Área de la psicología que se ocupa de los procesos mentales, percepciones, emociones y comportamiento del ser humano en relación a un producto, pudiendo ser este: digital, físico o intangible (servicios). Este área tiene una aplicación directa con la solución de problemas y necesidades de los usuarios, así como la optimización de la experiencia del ser humano ante el medio con el que interactúa.

Esta definición como tal no la encontrarás en enciclopedia alguna o en ningún libro académico de psicología, pero quizás sea cuestión de tiempo para que este termino se incorpore como rama aplicada…

Final Case Study | Ironhack Exercise

The University of Connecticut is one of the top public research universities in the nation, with more than 30,000 students pursuing answers to critical questions in labs, lecture halls, and the community. Knowledge exploration throughout the University’s network of campuses is united by a culture of innovation. An unprecedented commitment from the state of Connecticut ensures UConn attracts internationally renowned faculty and the world’s brightest students.

For this exercise we had to test a university website and interview an user while asking several tasks regarding to usability of such website, University of Connecticut is the chosen one for this purpose.

Ironhack Exercise

As a UX/Ui Designer, we will be using a few apps for graphic design, among them: Sketch, Flinto and InVision. In this exercise we have imported the previous wireframes created with Sketch into InVision, to apply them animations and interactions.

The instructions are the following:

1- Tap the home screen to acces to the map
2- On the header, click on the left corner to enter to the settings, or click on the filter icon to display the options available.
3- On the filter menu, click on OK to see the cars offered.
4- Once you have picked one, just log in to your account to enjoy the service.

Let’s continue with the challenges…

Ironhack Exercise

Emov is an app to rent an electric car for short periods of time. For this exercise we have to create a wireframe version of this app using Sketch , following the same flow while keeping the same high-fidelity mockup screens bellow:

Here is the wireframe version:

Ironhack Exercise

Few things I have learned during my first contact with Sketch. I have to say that being a digital photographer and using photoshop as my main workflow tool have helped me to approach to Sketch with a little bit of optimism, and I say this because when I first started to learn digital editing programs I had nothing but frustration. Sketch have shortcuts that behave in the same way as Photoshop, and working with layers is similar to such program.

Having said that, it comes to my mind few thoughts that I better to keep in mind everytime I start…

Design Thinking Exercise | Ironhack

The Client

Whole Bank began its operations in Massachusetts, United States with a new approach of online banking for their customers, making transactions easier, saving and managing money with fresh digital options.

Carol Holmes, is in charge of the Innovation department of Whole Bank. She has been leading the transformation from a conventional bank operations into one digital, faster, and easier platform that provides the customer a better experience.

The Problem

Whole Bank wants to introduce a new feature in its mobile application that allows their traveling customers to make payments or transactions avoiding the traditional physical credit/debit card, as well as solve the…

Ironhack Exercise

It has been quite a while since the last time I took a pencil to draw something, in fact I had to look for one since is a forgotten tool in my daily basis rutine. With this assignment, a bunch of new insights and thoughts have showed up while I enjoyed the experience.

At the first sight, it might seem that sketching is something useless nowadays where everything is made on digital format, based on my own experience, but with just one exercise I have discovered the importance of taking notes through sketching. …

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