UX Capstone Project

I will choose to analyze an existing Parks Canada app to engae users to explore Canada. I chose this option because I like Parks Canada’s mission and it would be interesting to see how technology can be leveraged to further their goals. I believe that by analyzing Park Canada app more ideas can be utilized to make it easier for travellers to explore and discover Canada.

Overview of App

Share mobile Concept with class

Discovery Tool app of Parks Canada that would allow you to discover activities, day trips and parks that are aligned to the adventure you are looking for

Overall Goal

Save users time and money when booking trips to national parks

Overarching Challenge

Being able to plan, book and discover trips to national parks all in one place

What is the value you are proposing through this app?

Making it easier for people to book activities and also discover new activities

How will users benefit from it?

Making it easier to find the information people need to discover parks in Canada.

Is there monetization potential?

Used as a booking tool for camping sites, activities, and cottages that surround Parks Canada


Reviews (work up to being a local tour guide like Google My Busines


I conducted 5 interviews with 3 women and 2 men between the ages of 27–35 years old. The questions I asked are below:

  1. When was the last trip you booked?

Summary Question 1: Trips were booked to India, Los Angeles, London England, and Blue Mountain

2. How did you do your research?

Summary of Question 2: Research for the trips was done through Google, Google Trips, Google Flights, Trip Advisor, Facebook (asking for advice), Calling friends who had been before, Blue Mountain website, Lonely Planet website

3. What information were you looking for?

Summary: Most commonly mentioned answer was Looking for advice on where to go and looking at reviews for locations. Also mentioned: comparing costs, looking at reviews of specific trips, looking for weather, looked for resturants to attend, Musicals to attend, cost of equipment, neighoring activties

4. What features or information made it easier for you to book?

Summary: Most commonly mentioned answer was comparision tools, Tools (like Google Trips) that allow you to store your info in one place, sites that allow you to look at reviews. Also mentioned: Looking at images and maps of locations

5. How did you book your trip?

Summary: Trip was booked online by going to specific website after seeing location on trip advisor, Expedia, Google Trips, or Trip Advisor

6. What information or features makes it hard to book a trip?

Summary: Commonly mentioned-not being able to find all the information to look at reviews and compare prices in one place; Also mentioned: have to look at many websites to come to a conclusion

7. Did you visit any national parks on your trip?

Summary: No national parks were visited; 3 participants mentioned that they had been to a national park before and enjoyed being outdoors


Link to Survey: https://goo.gl/forms/OcpFfffQJEdELcpC3

Total Responses: 11

Summary of Responses

  1. 75% of participants had only been to a national park between 0–1 times
  2. 81% of participants had visited national park in the summer time
  3. 63% of participants made a 1 day trip to a national park
  4. 63% of participants would pay to enter a national park
  5. Top activities to do at a national park for participants was: hiking, canoeing, swimming, and camping
  6. Most participants would attend national park with friends or significant other
  7. All participants would use Google to plan a trip to a national park
  8. All participants would fly to travel across Canada

Competitive Analysis

Yellowstone App, Chimani National Parks, iParks Naviagator Metro Vancouver

Commonly viewed application: Interactive Map, Booking Options, Hiking Routes

Unique Applications (Chimani National Parks): Book your own trip, List of neighboring activities/sights to each national park

Unique Features (Yellowstone App): Interactive guides for all momuments and important stops

Add user generation content for opportunity to view reviews (based on interviews)

User Design Canvas

Customer Journey

Information Architecture

Explore Local Parks

Explore Local Activities

Plan A Tour

Find What You Like


Roadmap: Minimum Viable Project (MVP) Core Features

MVP 0.0.1

Plan A Trip

MVP 1.0.0


MVP 2.0.0

Google Maps Integration

User Generated Content (Instagram and Reviews)

Primary Persona

Secondary Persona

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