These people need to get a life.
Gail Jackson

But Robert Kennedy was a lawyer. And I agree. Just the other day on some news channel, they were talking about Nepotism. And the work that is being done to prevent it. Not much done so far. How did Clinton put Hillary over Hillary Healthcare??

I beg to differ with you re” Lots of women out there who are jealous of Ivanka No maa’m you are very wrong. There may be some but not as many as you are trying to make it. Just like the media. AND the media created Trump. Speak to some of his savvy followers. They created him and turn ed him into a star and President. Ivanka has to work her ass off. And had to covert to Judaism for a man to marry her. I could not do that unless I was not raised in a non-religious household, one that did not acknowledge Christ. That tells anme a lot about Trump and her mother’s upbringing. BTW Trump, is furious at Christie. WHY? because he convicted Ivanka’s father in law-fraud, etc and was sentenced to 2 yrs. I see, if had let him get off the hook-then Trump would given him a position just as he may to Cruz? Cruz sold his soul to the devil. Trump called his wife demeaning words and told off Cruz too. Cruz later says he is not going to vote for Trump. THEN A CHANGE OF MIND what? I am going to endorse cs. wow for a job. sold his soul. politics dirty.

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